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Dream Big - Overview

Thirty six year old Vaibhav, the ever-smiling symbol of new age Indians, started his career as a driver. Today, he is the owner of a flourishing taxi service business and is scouting around to buy a Mercedes Benz... not on a loan but with the wealth he has amassed over the years!

How did he get from being a driver to a millionaire? Three simple secrets - he had the courage to dream big, learn about financial planning and implement it.

Now, while you don't need anyone to help you to dream big, here is a book that will teach you everything that Vaibhav learnt. All you have to do is find the tenacity to implement it.

Everything, from the importance of saving and investing and the need for life and health insurance to various investment products like mutual funds, SIP, PPF etc. that can enable you to build wealth, is explained in this book in simple and jargon free language. It helps you to choose instruments that are most suitable for you and explains why you would be better off without others.

Dream Big simplifies and breaks down common financial planning principles such as risk profiling, asset allocation, portfolio construction, rebalancing etc.

And explains the tax implications of various investment decisions. It also contains sections on planning for retirement and a legacy, and financial planning for women, divorced individuals, defence employees, senior citizens, etc.In a nutshell, the authors, Dr. Mukesh Jindal, have put together a modern day compendium on personal finance that provides appropriate knowledge and wisdom to anyone who dares to dream big. With this book, like Vaibhav, you too can get into the driver's seat of your financial life and ride the road to riches.

Mukesh Jindal

Book Name : ‘‘Crorepati Mindset’’

The endeavour of the book ‘Crorepati Mindset’ is to shed light on essential qualities and mindset that an individual should have to attain absolute financial freedom and to make it big in life.

The book has 11 stories of successful and iconic people from India. The focus of the stories is to capture the core attributes which successful people focused on at different points of their life to overcome their obstacles. The idea is to empower and inspire the reader with a proactive mindset, designed to push beyond their illusory mental barriers and achieve their goals.

Mukesh Jindal

‘‘Crorepati Mindset’’

Get Yourself Ready for 10X Growth.


A taxi driver who owns a business which he successfully runs and finally manages to buy a luxury car which he buys without loans but ready cash- a scenario which seems right from a movie but suprisingly it is not fiction but reality. Author Mukesh Jindal observes how his ex-driver takes his advice wisely and makes use of it to see a growth, which, the author himself could not fathom.

There has been a boom in the mutual fund investments in the past decade, which, was at it peak since 2016. In this scenario, the book makes itself relevant to the masses. For those who wonder why the whole hubbub about mutual funds, the book is the answer.


Rakhi Jayshankar

Writer Kochi

Dr. Mukesh Jindal is a renowned adviser who takes you through the basics of financial investment by walking you through the risky yet obscure topics such as mutual funds, insurance, legacy planning etc. While a commerce background individual is more likely to know such basics, it is very evident from the lack of investment portfolios, the hesitancy of others to ask and know about such topics.


Shelly Bajwa

First of all, this is not a book, this is a bible. A bible every man who wants to invest must read this. Read it once, read it twice, read it as many times as you can to master the business of investing. The authors concentrate on the wealth creation part of investing. They give a detailed description of each and every investment opportunity available in India.


Amit Pamnani

This book is the beginner's guide for a person wanting to put his/her money in a place where they can grow and multiply themselves for the future.

The book starts with a detailed explanation of why one needs to save and invest money explaining the impact of the rising inflation in our country. Elaborating on the same, the future money concept is touched in detail followed by what is Mutual Fund and how it works to optimize wealth creation. By the end of the book, the reader will not only have a knowledge about Mutual Funds or Debt Funds but also of how Financial Planning is done. The book also has shown a comparison between ULIP and Endowment Policy which for me, personally, have helped me a lot to understand the differences.


kinjal Parekh

It is indeed a true fact that our country India lacks financial literacy. Most people are unaware of the fields of health insurance, life insurance, mutual funds, equity funds and wealth generation.The narration in the book begins with the story of the author's taxi driver who diligently followed his master's advice and is now the owner of a taxi chain.

The book goes into great detail about the different types of mutual funds, their benefits and yields for the reader to know and decide which one would suit him best. It also guides the readers on how to access the risk involved in mutual funds by thoroughly reading the documents.The language is simple and the concepts are explained through examples and diagrams for better understanding.


Aparna Prabhu

Writer Kochi

Dr. Mukesh Jindal Speech

Speech given by author of Dream Big at NetworkFP event for financial and mutual fund advisors. network FP is top Event mutual fund investors and investment distributors.